Soft and luxurious Insulin Pump Pocket Band to wear around your waist and thigh.  Easy to slide your Insulin Pump and extra tubing into, also very easy to remove, adjust and replace again.

You won't even feel like you are wearing an Insulin Pump!


0-18 Months  Fits 17-50cm

2-4 Years  Fits 19-55cm

5-7 Years  Fits 21-59cm

24 Fits  25-70cm

26 Fits  27-75cm

28 Fits  29-80cm

30 Fits  31-85cm

32 Fits  33-90cm

34 Fits  35-95cm

36 Fits  37-100cm

38 Fits  39-105cm

40 Fits  41-110cm

42 Fits  43-115cm

44 Fits  45-120cm

Modern Insulin Pump Pocket Band Slimfit